Hallie Watson



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Cows with lilies


 Cows with Lilies (19.5 x 27.5)



   I am amazed by how big cows are. Enormous. When I see how huge they are in the middle,  I marvel that their little, skinny ankles can support all that. When they walk, they sway leisurely side to side.

   I know I view cows from a city girl perspective. I know they’re pretty dumb, but I like that.  They view you without opinion, their direct gaze identifying you and maybe wondering what you might do. They have a wonderful steady-as-you-go attitude. They hardly ever hurry. They look at you softly and interestedly ( nothing much out of the ordinary ever happens in the field.) Their day is pretty straight forward. Eat, walk around, lie down, chew it over, get up, eat.

   From an artist’s point of view I like their mass against the horizon, their shape on the green of the field. They are a pleasing mixture of angles and rounded curves.

   Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night or early in the morning, and I can hear them on the other side of the fence rhythmically ripping up the grass and chewing.