Hallie Watson

Artist's Statement

   I have a busy life with a busy family. Time is galloping along with kids growing, going to school, meals, going out, coming back, sleeping, waking, rushing, pausing.

   I do a drawing as a pocket of quiet calm in the whirlwind of time zooming forward. I think of each drawing as a snow globe. You shake it up and look intensely at it and slip inside. The snow settles. You move on to the next thing but you always have it captured in the bottle to look at.

   I like to play with the various elements of seeing and the construction of a drawing. I enjoy colour and pattern and the juxtaposition of one pattern with another. I like to put the viewer up close to the subject in a still life as if she were sitting at the table looking down at her own plate. A border or a reflection suggest things outside the picture. In some of the drawings I play with the push and pull of foreground and background. I put an object up close to the viewer’s face so that her eye can move from close elements to the background and back again. These are some of the drawing elements that help me tell the story of things observed and time passing.