Hallie Watson

Audie's sofa

Audie’s Sofa.
Oil pastel on paper, texted sintra
19.5” x 27.5”
Aug. 1, 2003

Audie's sofa

    This sofa begins its story belonging to Granny Newnham, who as a young woman fell love with a fellow who became the Bishop of Moosonee.  It travelled in the late 1880's from Montreal by sailing ship to their home in Moosonee which was defined as Aall land draining into Hudson’s Bay.

    They had one daughter, and then two sets of girl twins. The women were at one time described as ‘two pairs and a peach.’

    Audie’s mother played the part of the Bishop’s wife, establishing schools and hospitals and women’s associations wherever she went. She established St.Alban’s School for Girls in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan (bringing the headmistress from Scotland) so that her girls would have a ‘proper’ school to go to .

    Audie was always the frail one. She contracted TB in early childhood and remained a spinster all her life. She is remembered by her great-niece as quiet and mild. She liked sherry and menthol cigarettes, which she smoked all her life.